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 西郷どん 篤姫役 毎週日曜 18:00~ NHK BS
               20:00~ NHK総合

 パンク侍、斬られて候  ろん 役 2018年6月30日(土)公開 配給:東映


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  独身貴族 BOXセット悪夢ちゃんthe夢vie、悪夢ちゃんSP、抱きしめたい、ジャッジ!、ルームメイト、映画謎ときはディナーのあとで、27+、悪夢ちゃん BOX SET謎ときはディナーのあとでSP、謎ときはディナーのあとで BOX SET、この内容で世界の片隅に、瞬 またたき、筆談ホステス




画像(320x320)・拡大画像(640x640) 画像(320x320)・拡大画像(640x640)

gelato pique"ジェラートピケ"(着心地にこだわったルームウェア・お部屋ファッション) っていうブランドのものだそうです。


gelato pique(ジェラート ピケ)通販 |moco moco'スムーズィー'3ボーダーパーカ


gelato pique | moco moco'スムーズィー'3ボーダーパーカ

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宴会部長 さんのコメント...

≫Gelato Pique

I would emphasize that my room wear is ユニクロ.

Wearing clothes which matches the income is very important for everyone!

Good day!

Teddy Kitagawa さんのコメント...

*runs up to Keibear and hugs her*

宴会部長 さんのコメント...

>hugs her*

Does he want to hug my little Keibear?

Teddy Kitagawa さんのコメント...


cyp さんのコメント...

I usually wear UNIQLO too!

Oh, I WANNA hug her too! Shake hands, hi5 or WHATEVER!! Believe no one don't wanna do that, don't you think? (*^^*)

Anyway, does anyone hear 'bout 24TV???

Teddy Kitagawa さんのコメント...

Yeah, she's very precious and very huggable.

I've been sick and all sorts of phucked up the past few days. I'm just out of it. I got confused by what the poster was asking.

I don't want to seem rude. I don't think that posters native language is English. But I was out of it and can't tell what he was posting. As it is it almost sounded as if that was coming from Keibear's dad or something.

cyp さんのコメント...

Hi Teddy-san^^

I think everybody feeds THE GREEN MONSTER inside of themselves...